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iPad mini 2 Release Delay Rumored Due to Retina, But Source is Suspect



The iPad mini 2 release may not come this month according to a new analyst report which points to the same display issues that we previously reported could limit the supplies of the iPad mini 2 through the holiday season, but the source’s track record is unreliable.

Apple is reportedly holding an event this month to launch the iPad 5 and possibly the iPad mini 2, but some sources think it is still to early for an iPad mini 2 with a Retina Display.

The iPad mini on store shelves today uses a 7.9-inch display with the same resolution as the iPad 2, which is short of the iPad with Retina Display’s 2048 x 1536 resolution. The lower resolution doesn’t deliver the no visible pixels experience that Apple brags about on the iPhone and on the larger iPad 4.

Apple is reportedly planning a Retina Display iPad mini 2 as a followup, but is running into issues with the device. Despite multiple part leaks of a front and back for an alleged iPad mini 2, even in gold, we’ve yet to see an actual display panel leak.

The iPad mini 2 release is reportedly in trouble, but the source of this latest rumor is not the most reliable.

The iPad mini 2 release is reportedly in trouble, but the source of this latest rumor is not the most reliable.

In a new report shared with Apple Insider, Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White shares his thoughts on the iPad mini 2 release this fall, and it’s not what many shoppers want to hear.

According to the report, White’s sources do not have information to share about the iPad mini 2. White believes supply issues could force Apple to delay an iPad mini 2 release until 2014 to use a Retina Display. White suggests Apple is planning to use a Sharp IGZO Retina Display for the iPad mini 2.

If Apple announces the iPad mini 2 at an event in October multiple sources agree that the release will be plagued by shortages which could limit the supply available through the busy holiday shopping season.

The original iPad mini rumors from 2012 suggested Apple would use a Sharp IGZO display inside the device and Sharp recently announced a high-resolution IGZO display that could be a perfect fit for a MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

In the video below a Sharp representative demonstrates a tablet with a Sharp IGZO display, which highlights some of the IGZO features.

White previously claimed the Apple TV in the form of a HDTV set was due in 2013 with an iRing controller, but now says it could come in 2014 based on comments by an Apple competitor. White also claimed the iPhone 5s would arrive with three screen sizes in 2013, but Apple delivered an iPhone 5s with the same 4-inch screen as the iPhone 5 when the company announced the device last month.

We expect analysts will occasionally miss the mark, White’s previous predictions fall far enough away from reality that we question this latest prediction, specifically in the face of the potential for large holiday sales of an iPad mini 2 with Retina Display.

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