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iPad mini 2 vs iPad mini 4: Key Differences



While Apple’s event mostly focused on the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, and the new Apple TV, the company spent a few seconds detailing the new iPad mini 4. Here are some key differences that you should know between the iPad mini 2 and the iPad mini 4.

When Apple released the iPad mini 3, the company barely updated the smaller tablet, only giving it Touch ID and a new gold color option. It made consumers wary about how much Apple cares about the iPad mini lineup, and with the launch of the iPad mini 4, it’s clear that the company doesn’t really care about its miniature iPad anymore.

Still, the iPad mini is seen as a great device for those that want a larger screen than their iPhone, but don’t want to go as big as the iPad Air 2, making the iPad mini the perfect Goldilocks choice. However, if you’re having trouble deciding on which iPad mini to buy, here are some key differences between the iPad mini 4 and the iPad mini 2, and whether or you should buy one or the other.

iPad mini 2 vs iPad mini 4

The iPad mini 2 is beginning to show its age, but that’s really only because there are two newer models that have released since then.


The older tablet is still great for casual use, and most apps still work great on the 2nd-generation iPad mini. However, the iPad mini 4 obviously has the upper hand as far performance is concerned, and if you’re looking for the best performance that there is, the iPad mini 4 is the obvious choice.

However, if performance isn’t the only factor, then deciding between the two can be a bit tricky, but let’s spread all the facts out and sift through them carefully.


Without even looking at specs, you can take a good educated guess and say that the iPad mini 4 has the upper hand in the performance department, and you’d be correct.


The iPad mini 4 comes with Apple’s A8 processor, which is the same chip that’s inside the iPhone 6. The iPad mini 2 as the slightly older A7 chip. What’s interesting is that the iPad mini 4 isn’t running the A8X, which is the same processor that’s in the iPad Air 2, even though Apple said during its keynote that the smaller tablet had iPad Air 2 specifications.

Other than that, that iPad mini 4’s camera rocks an 8-megapixel sensor over the iPad mini 2’s 5-megapixel sensor, but it can still do 1080p HD video, with the only capability that’s left out is burst mode when taking photos and recording slo-mo video.

Of course, the Touch ID capabilities on the iPad mini 4 are nothing to scoff at either, making it easier to unlock your iPad than using a passcode.


As for price, the iPad mini 4 starts at $399 for the 16GB version, with the 64GB model costing $499. The iPad mini 2 starts at $269 for the 16GB version goes up to 32GB for $319.


We wouldn’t recommend buying a 16GB iPad, as that usually isn’t enough storage space for most users, so you’ll want plan on spending $499 for the iPad mini 4, while you can get away with 32GB with the iPad mini 2 for $319 (it’s also the highest-capacity iPad mini 2 available).

That’s a $180 difference between the two models, which is a lot of money.

Which One Should You Buy?

The ultimate question, of course, is which one should you buy? The iPad mini 4 or the iPad mini 2?

If money really isn’t a worry for you and you have the funds to easily afford the iPad mini 4, then absolutely go for that model. It’ll perform faster and it’ll be future-proof for the next few years.


However, if frugality is something that you’re going after, the iPad mini 2 might be your best bet. It’s still a capable tablet and will be for quite some time, especially if you’re a casual user who might play the occasional game.

I still have my iPad mini 2 and I see no reason to upgrade any time soon. Granted, I don’t use it that often and really only use it to play a handful of games that I enjoy, but perhaps if my needs were a bit more intense I might think about upgrading.

At this point, though, the iPad mini 2 is a great tablet for casual users, whereas the iPad mini 4 might be the best option for those looking for a daily driver tablet.

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