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iPad mini 2 with Retina Display Release Delay Predicted



A new report claims the iPad mini 2 will feature a Retina Display, but the device may see a delay unto as late as November 2013 and it may not launch with the rumored iPad 5.

The iPad mini is already a popular iPad and may outsell full size iPad even without a high-resolution display. The lack of a Retina Display was one of the biggest complaints about the iPad mini, which Apple launched in October of 2012.

Speculation of an iPad mini 2 with a Retina Display began swiftly, and it a new report from Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple is working on the iPad mini 2 and will add a Retina Display to it.

The iPad mini 2 Retina Display may see delays.

The iPad mini 2 Retina Display may see delays.

The KGI Securities report looks at three launch scenarios for Apple, which could impact the iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2 launch timing. The report does not mention the iPad 5, which many believe could arrive at the same time as the iPad mini.

Kuo shares the details about the possible iPad mini 2 delay in a note, published on MacRumors.

Earlier we estimated that shipments of the new iPhone would begin in July (FDD version) and September (TDD version), while iPad mini 2 would hit the market in August. Currently, market consensus for shipments of iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone and iPad mini 2 is July, July, and August, respectively. But in light of publicly available information and our knowledge of technological trends, we now think all three products will begin shipments later than our previous expectation and market consensus

In the scenarios that Kuo outlines, the iPhone 5S release date and the iPad mini 2 release date fall in the same month. This could point to a joint event for the iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2 and a separate iPad 5 launch event. It’s not clear if this would push the iPad 5 release up to May as one insider suggested, or if it would arrive later in 2013 and closer to the holidays.

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As for the iPad mini 2 Retina Display, Kuo believes it is the reason behind the delay. The technical issues with the smaller  but higher resolution display are likely tied to design and manufacturing problems.

The iPad mini 2 will likely feature the same design as the iPad mini on sale today, but with a higher resolution Retina Display and a faster processor. Companies are allegedly working on the iPad mini 2 Retina Display panels as early as February 2013.



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    04/12/2013 at 1:44 pm

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    04/15/2013 at 11:47 pm

    Walmart is selling them for 299

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