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iPad mini Hands-on Video Roundup



Today Apple announced the new iPad mini today and a large amount of press was there to see the device first-hand. These are the first people to actually see the iPad mini outside of Apple, and a few of them capture video of the new tablet.

Here’s a collection of some of the videos the journalists that attended the even took of the device. Each of them walk through the design of the 7.9-inch iPad and offer some insight and opinion on what they see in the new device. Full reviews will likely come in the middle of next week, but for now there’s a few minutes of video about the devices.

iPad mini Hands-on Videos

The Verge

Joshua Topolsky praises the design of the new iPad mini. He says “The thinness and sleekness of the casing cannot be overstated. It feels as high-end as the new iPhone, but even sharper in the hand – like a slice of solid aluminum.”


Anand also has great things to say about the iPad mini. He said “The display doesn’t feel cramped either thanks to the reasonably large diagonal size. It’s clear that the iPad mini is a nod to those who want something even more portable than the standard iPad.”


Mark Spoonauer says the iPad Mini “is in its own league.” He adds “The 7.9-inch size is one-hand friendly, but doesn’t feel like a shrunken tablet. And while the 1024 x 768-pixel display isn’t as sharp as the competition’s screens, images looked clear and colorful when we were viewing websites and running a couple of apps.”


Darren Murph says “While a fully outstretched adult hand can generally grasp it without help from the other, you’ll still want both for typing and using apps. It’s still too big for your average pocket, and it’s not going to save you a heck of a lot of room in your knapsack compared to the 9.7-incher.”

For more, check out the iPad Mini vs. the Galaxy Note II and our coverage of the Apple Special event.

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