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iPad Mini Set for October 23rd Says All Things D, The Loop



The Apple iPad Mini will launch at a special event on October 23, according to All Things D, one of Apple’s favorite leak partners.

The date also receives a, “Yep.” from Jim Dalrymple at The Loop, a known Apple Insider.

This date makes sense as it could help Apple steal Microsoft’s thunder. Microsoft plans to launch their Surface Windows 8 tablet that week, just two days later.

We expected to see invites go out to press and others on October 10, but the date came and went without news so look for them by next Tuesday, seven days before the rumored Apple launch event.


This could resemble the size of the iPad Mini.

Apple’s recent launch events took place on Wednesdays, and pre-orders started within a week to 10 days. If this rumor proves true, Apple may plan to announce the iPad Mini on Tuesday and start taking pre-orders as early as Friday, when Microsoft Windows 8 goes on sale.

To catch up, read our iPad Mini rumor roundup, highlights of iPad Mini rumors are below.

  • Expect to see a 7.85″ tablet running iOS 6
  • Using the new Lightning charging and syncing port
  • Priced between the iPhone 5 at $200 and the iPad 2 at $400
  • Called anything from iPad Mini to iPad Air

Speaking of the name, we reported that another Apple insider, John Gruber, called it an iPad Air recently after the naming scheme of the MacBook which offers a Pro and an Air.

According to MacBreak Weekly, Apple will not cut corners with the new device making it every bit as powerful as the New iPad and the iPhone 5. Watch the iPad Mini discussion in the video below at the 1:28 mark.

The article that Leo LePorte cites came from All Things D also.

Most observers expect Apple to price the new tablet competitively. With the price of the iPad 2 at $400, the iPod Touch at $300 and the iPhone 5 at $200, Apple is expected to announce the iPad Mini with a $250 to $350 price. Apple is known for using supply chain strategy to keep costs down, so the company could price the iPad Mini at the lower end of the scale to compete with the $200 Nexus 7 and $200 Kindle Fire HD tablets this holiday season.

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