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iPad Mini Dock Connector Ribbon Leaks Online



After months of rumors for Apple’s 7.85-inch iPad Mini, parts for the fabled tablet are finally out on the web.

The new part comes from French site Nowhere Else by way of MacRumors. The leaked part is the ribbon cable for the new dock connector which the iPad MIni will likely have. The cable looks very similar to the leaked ribbon cable for the iPhone 5, which also features the smaller dock connector.

While the newly leaked ribbon is larger, and could fit in the iPad Mini, the headphone jack placement is strange. Our engineering samples for the iPad Mini had the headphone jack at the top of the device, on the side opposite the dock connector, not next to it. All previous leaks show speakers on either side of the dock connector, and nothing else.

iPad Mini dock connector

Everything else about the part looks like something from Apple, however. It looks like the flex cables in other iOS devices, and carries a similar part number.

There is a possibility that this cable is a purposeful fake. Apple may have created a few of these cables to see where the leaks come from. Or the company may have decided to move the headphone jack on the iPad Mini. It seems like a strange place to put the headphone jack, but Apple is also moving the headphone jack on the new iPhone, so it may want similar placement across all iOS devices.

The latest rumors say the Apple will announce the iPad Mini on September 12, the same day it announces the iPhone 5. We don’t know when Apple will release the smaller iPad, but users likely won’t have to wait too long after the initial launch to get their hands on the device.

Check out the latest iPad Mini rumors in the video below.

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