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iPad Piloted Yacht Steals Design Awards, Hearts of the Super Wealthy



Wealthy iPad owners looking to pick up the latest in tablet accessories for Apple’s tablet computer may have just found the perfect remote control vehicle to complement their purchase, a fully controlled yacht.

Showcased at this year’s ShowBoats Design Awards event in Monaco, the Adastra is actually fully controllable from the screen of an iPad –billionaire Anton Marden’s iPad. During the event the Adastra took home the ‘Newcomer of the Year Award’ and the ‘Naval Architecture Award’.

According to details provided by the competition, the Marden’s iPad is able to wirelessly connect to the Adastra’s navigation and engine systems from within 50 meters. It didn’t share any definitive information about the iPad application that controls the yacht so whether it is something exclusively built for the yacht or part of a framework that might be widely available for other wealthy iPad users to add as part of upgrades to their yachts.

The Adastra, a yacht that features a fully controllable iPad remote.

The Adastra, a yacht that features a fully controllable iPad remote.

While the iPad controlled yacht is a big deal for iPad owners, that isn’t the Adastra’s only notable feature. The Adastra can travel about 22.5 nautical miles or the sea equivalent of 25 miles per hour from the United Kingdom to New York City, “without refueling”.

At just 139.4 feet long, it isn’t necessarily the largest yacht in existence, but interested users might be willing to forgive that relatively cramped quarters in exchange for compatibility with their iPad. Though, the yacht features 15 cabins, so it’s not exactly small by traditional standards.

The Adastra was built by McConaghy Boats and designed by John Shuttleworth Designs. As the yacht is likely a custom design built to Marden’s exact specifications, it is unlikely that it will be widely available to potential buyers any time soon. Still, the Adastra does at least act as a proof of concept, a concept that’s likely to gain attention from other wealthy owners who would appreciate the added convenience of not having to spend all of their time behind the wheel of their yacht when onboard.

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