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iPad Pro Pre Order Date & Time



The iPad Pro release date is later this week and thanks to the announcement from Apple we now know more about the iPad Pro pre-order process. This fast look at the iPad Pro pre-order date and time will help you plan your purchase and prepare for the new tablet.

Apple debuted a new iPad Pro ad during Monday Night Football and announced that the iPad Pro release date is Friday November 13th in stores.

There are already some retailers taking iPad Pro pre-orders ahead of the official Apple Store start, but not all of these will delivery on the release date.

With a launch like this users who buy with an iPad Pro pre-order on Wednesday there will likely be delivered on the Friday iPad Pro release date.

Here’s what you need to know about this pre-order and release process for the new iPad.

iPad Pro Pre Order Date

The iPad Pro pre order date is confirmed.

The iPad Pro pre order date is confirmed.

Apple announced the iPad Pro pre-order start date for November 11th. This is when the Apple Store iPad Pro pre orders start, but you can already pre-order from other retailers like Staples and Mac Mall.

We will likely see other retailers start taking iPad Pro pre orders on November 11th as well.

iPad Pro Pre Order Time

The one thing that Apple left out of the announcement is the iPad Pro pre order time. There are two likely times that Apple will start taking iPad Pro pre orders online.

We typically see midnight pre-orders for the iPhone each year, but this is not always the case for other Apple devices.

There is no announced iPad Pro pre order time yet, but there are some potential times.

There is no announced iPad Pro pre order time yet, but there are some potential times.

We don’t expect to see iPad Pro pre-orders start at 12:01 AM Pacific or 3:01 AM Eastern on November 11th. It could happen, but it makes more sense to see a daytime sale kick off.

The odds are good that the iPad Pro pre order time will arrive in the morning Eastern or morning Pacific. Likely times include 8-9 AM Eastern and 12-1PM Eastern ( 9-10 AM Pacific).

It is possible that Apple will take the Apple Store down, and if that is the case you can get a notification by following IsTheAppleStoreDown on Twitter. This will give you a heads up as the store often goes down before a new product goes on sale.

Where to Buy the iPad Pro

You can buy the iPad Pro direct from the Apple Store with the official iPad Pro pre orders. We expect to see iPad Pro pre orders start at the following retailers. Some may already be live, although stock and availability changes.

If you buy in store at Apple or at Best Buy and pay using Apple Pay with a Discover Card you can save 10% in cash back, which is a great option. You can read more about how to get an extra 10% cash back from Discover with Apple Pay.

8 Exciting iPad Pro Accessories

Apple Smart Cover

Apple Smart Cover

Just like with all of the other iPads, the iPad Pro will have its own Smart Cover made by Apple.

The Smart Cover is a detachable cover that you can get for the iPad Pro that attaches using magnets and covers your iPad's screen when you're not using it. When you do want to use it, simply fold back the Smart Cover and it will automatically turn the screen on.

The Smart Cover can also double as an iPad stand at two different angles, although we wish there were more angles that you can adjust it to, since the two different angles aren't ideal for every situation.

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1 Comment

  1. Jon

    11/10/2015 at 7:29 pm

    Closest article to being informative on the pre-release issue I’ve seen yet!

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