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iPad Pro Release Date: 6 Things to Get Excited About



The iPad Pro release date is approaching, and the tablet is expected to be announced tomorrow during Apple’s iPhone 6s event. Here are six things to get excited about for the new tablet.

The iPad Pro is a long time coming, as it has been rumored for a long time now. The good news is that rumors have been picking up drastically over the last couple of months, and the latest reports are expecting Apple to announce the iPad Pro tomorrow during the company’s iPhone 6s event.

Apple already has a full plate for tomorrow’s event, with announcements for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6c, and the Apple TV 4, so an announcement about the iPad Pro could be stuffed in there at the end (along with an iPad mini 4 unveiling as well), but it’s possible that Apple may lengthen its keynote a bit in order to make room for all of the product announcements that it has planned.

The iPad Pro is expected to be Apple’s most expensive iPad yet, coming with a larger display and better performance than the iPad Air series. It’s also rumored to come with some extra goodies that other iPads won’t have, possibly making it a great buy for those willing to spend the extra cash. However, the tablet will likely be targeted toward professionals out in the field that could benefit from this kind of device, like photographers and graphic designers.

There are a handful of rumors about the iPad Pro that give us hints on what to expect from the larger tablet, and there’s especially a lot of details to get us excited about the new device.

Here are six things to get excited about for the iPad Pro.

Force Touch Display

Force Touch Display

Like the iPhone 6s, the iPad Pro is rumored to come with Apple's Force Touch display.

The Force Touch display was first introduced on the Apple Watch, which essentially enables a right-click feature where you can tap on the screen to perform one action and hard-press on the screen to perform another action.

The iPad Pro is said to get this same functionality, with maybe a few changes to account for the much larger screen, as the rumored 12.9-inch display is certainly larger than the Apple Watch's screen.







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