iPad Pro Rumors Heat Up with New Sketch
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iPad Pro Rumors Heat Up with New Sketch



iPad Pro rumors have steadily increased over the last couple of months, and today we’re seeing the iPad Pro in a new leaked sketch that is said to come from Foxconn, which is the company responsible for manufacturing most of Apple’s products.

The leak comes from nowhereelse.fr, and it reveals a sketch of what is said to be the iPad Pro, and it shows the angle of the top-right corner of the tablet, with the volume buttons, power buttons, and the camera all visible in the render. There also appears to be some kind of speaker grille next to the power button, which could be a clue that the iPad Pro could get stereo sound.

Previous iPad Pro rumors have pointed to the iPad Pro measuring in at somewhere in between 6.5mm to 7mm, and a YouTube video showed up last month, giving eager users a look at what the tablet could possibly look like.

iPad Pro

The video comes from Canoopsy (embedded below), and it shows the iPad Pro concept compared to all sorts of other iOS devices, including the iPhone 6 and the new iPad Air 2. We even see the larger tablet compared next to a 13-inch MacBook Pro, which almost takes up the same surface area.

This video comes just days after schematics and drawings of the iPad Pro appeared in a Japanese magazine that showed off what the larger Apple slate could look like. It will most likely take the form of the current iPad design, with the possibility of some exclusive features or design changes to accommodate a larger display.

The magazine refers to the larger tablet as the iPad Air Plus, which would actually be a good name for it, considering that the iPhone 6 line has its own “Plus” product.

The magazine also claims that the larger slate will include a 12.2-inch display, a new Apple A9 processor, and four speakers that will offer stereo sound in any direction. The magazine also notes that we could see this larger iPad Air Plus (or iPad Pro) launch sometime in the spring, which goes along with other release rumors that we’ve heard in the recent past.

We would obviously take these rumors with a grain of salt, but it’s at least worth nothing that this same magazine included drawings of the iPhone 6 well before it launched and they turned out to be quite accurate, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we were actually looking at the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is one device that many people have been looking forward to, but Apple has yet to make it official. Rumors have been floating around for quite a while, but we’ve heard a few rumors just recently, suggesting that the tablet is somewhat close to an official launch.

Earlier this month we heard rumors that the iPad Pro will come with a 12.2-inch display along with a body that could be just 7mm thick, putting it in between the iPhone 6 and the iPad Air 2.

Furthermore, the new tablet is rumored to come with stereo speakers, thanks to the addition of two more speakers at the top of the device rather than just at the bottom.

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