iPad Sale Knocks $100 Off iPad Mini 3 at Best Buy
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iPad Sale Knocks $100 Off iPad Mini 3 at Best Buy



If you missed out on all the great iPad deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Best Buy is bringing a little of that back with some good deals on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3.

There were plenty of iPad deals to go around on Black Friday weekend, but if you arrived a bit late, you most likely missed out as the deals went quickly. However, here’s your chance to get a decent discount on a new iPad at Best Buy.

The consumer electronics retailer is selling the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 for as much as $100 off, with the lowest discount being $50 off.

The discount gets steeper with the higher-capacity models. For instance, the 16GB WiFi-only iPad mini 3 is on sale for $50, priced at $349, while the 64GB version is $75 off and can be bought for $424. Of course, the steepest discount is with the 128GB model, which is $100 off the normal retail price.


As for the iPad Air 2, it’s only seeing $50 discounts across the board, including the 64GB and 128GB models. It’s certainly not as good as Best Buy’s Black Friday deal, where you could get an iPad Air 2 for $100 off, but it still beats paying full price.

This limited-time deal has an unknown end date, so if you’ve been eyeing a new iPad, now is the time to pounce on this deal.

Black Friday was obviously the best time to take advantage of an iPad deal, with Target arguably having the best iPad deal around, by giving shoppers a $140 Target gift card with the purchase of an iPad Air 2.

However, both Target and Walmart were selling the iPad Air starting at $400 with a $100 store gift card after purchase, meaning that you can technically get the year-old Apple tablet for just $300 for the 16GB WiFi-only model. While Apple’s latest tablet certainly saw a lot of attention on Black Friday, the iPad Air saw the ultimate deal for frugal shoppers looking to buy an excellent tablet at a great price.


Of course, if you’re looking to get an iPad, we’d recommend getting at least the 32GB iPad model, which is only $50 more if you go with the iPad Air, or $100 more for the next storage tier on the iPad Air 2, which is 64GB.

The storage option you choose really just depends on what you’ll use your iPad for, but we’ve discovered that 16GB just isn’t enough for most users. We’d really only recommend the 16GB model for those who don’t plan on consuming a lot of media or playing games. It can also be good for those who plan on consuming a lot of media but use the cloud for that instead. Personally, I use the cloud for everything — Netflix for movies and TV shows, Spotify for music, and Dropbox’s instant upload for photos and videos. Because of this, I never get close to filling up my 16GB iOS devices.

You can still get by with a 16GB iPad by using the cloud, auditing your apps frequently, and only playing lightweight games, but if you don’t think you’ll have that much self-control, it never hurts to go ahead and get the 32GB model. And with this Best Buy deal, you can grab a 64GB for the same price as you would normally get a 16GB model for, so this is the perfect time to take advantage of more storage on a new iPad.

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1 Comment

  1. Truffol (@Truffol)

    12/10/2014 at 6:34 pm

    if they can easily knock $100 off the iPad imagine their profit margins…

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