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iPad Sale Offers $200 Off with iPhone 5s Purchase at AT&T



AT&T wants to sell as many iPhones as it can before the iPhone 6 releases, and it plans to do that by giving customers $200 off a new iPad with the purchase of an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c on the carrier’s Next mobile plan.

AT&T has launched a new promotion that’s aimed at customers looking to get an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c in the very near future, offering $200 off a new iPad if you sign up for AT&T’s Next program with your iPhone purchase.

The catch is that the iPad needs to be activated under a two-year agreement on an AT&T Mobile Share Value plan or a standalone plan, which means you simply just can’t get a WiFi-only iPad for $200 off and be done with it. Instead, you’ll have to get a more-expensive cellular model and a monthly charge to get cellular service on it.

However, this deal means that you can get the original iPad mini WiFi + Cellular model for as low as $199.99, just as long as you get an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c through the Next program.

This is actually a great deal if you’re looking for both a new iPhone and new iPad that you need cellular service on, otherwise the iPad deal might not be worth going after if you don’t want cellular service attached to it, since the $200 that you’ll save will simply just go right back into paying for the monthly service bill.


If this deal isn’t your cup of tea, you can take advantage of a recent deal at Staples, where you can get $100 off of the iPad Air, starting at just $399. Buyers can get either the silver or space gray iPad Air for a whopping $100 off, but the deal only applies to the WiFi-only models, unfortunately.

Still, that’s one heck of a deal, and it matches the best price that we’ve seen all year for the iPad Air. Simply just enter coupon code 79449 at checkout to take advantage of the discount.

Earlier last month, Target gave customers a $100 store gift card if they purchased an iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display at full price, effectively lowering the cost of the two tablets to $399 and $299, respectively. Plus, it was nice that the deal applied to any model in the lineup, including WiFi + cellular versions.

We’ve already seen plenty of iPad sales this year from a plethora of retail stores, including Walmart, Best Buy and Target, where you can usually find an iPad for around $50 off the normal retail price. The number of deals that we’ve seen has drifted off slightly since the beginning of the year, though, but they’ve still been rolling in steadily over the last few weeks.


All of these deals came at off-peak shopping times (save for Valentine’s Day, we suppose), so we can’t imagine what future sales will be like throughout the year and even leading up to Apple’s annual fall event where the company usually announces a new iPad model. This time around, the iPad Air 2 is expected to make an appearance, as well as an updated iPad mini Retina model, although rumors about that have been fairly quiet except for the expected Touch ID integration.

The iPad Air 2 and the new iPad mini with Retina display are expected to come equipped with a slightly new look and the inclusion of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Touch ID was definitely one of the features that users were looking forward to the most ahead of the iPad Air event back in October last year, especially after it was introduced on the new iPhone 5s just a month earlier, but Apple sadly did not deliver such a feature that time around, which we weren’t too surprised about. It’s possible that Apple wanted the Touch ID technology to be around for a year or so and see how it did before expanding the feature to other iOS devices.

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1 Comment

  1. rahman

    08/14/2014 at 7:35 pm

    Its really confused which is better. I prefer galaxy s5. Because I am using previous version of Galaxy.

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