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iPad Sale Takes $30 Off All Models at Staples



If you’re in the market for a new tablet, Staples is having a deal where you can get any tablet that’s regularly priced at $149 or more for $30 off. This means that you can grab any iPad and save $30 off the price, as well as Kindle Fire tablets and Samsung slates.

Using the coupon code 58129 during checkout on Staples’ website will knock $30 off the final price, which means you can get an original iPad mini for as low as $269 or the Retina-equipped model for $369. The iPad Air is priced at $469 after the deal. This isn’t the biggest discount we’ve seen of the iPad this year, but it’s at least at the top of the list as far as deals you should take advantage of, and it ends tomorrow.

iPad Sale

We’ve seen both the Retina iPad mini and the iPad Air on sale for $50 off, and Walmart even had a great deal on the iPad 2 for $100 off. All of these deals came at off-peak shopping times (save for Valentine’s Day, we suppose), so we can’t imagine the sales we’ll see later throughout the year and even leading up to Apple’s annual fall event where they usually announce a new iPad model.

As for other tablets, this Staples deal can land you a Kindle Fire HD 7″ for $119, the Kindle Fire HDX 7″ for $169, or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 for $129. You can browse more tablets on Staples’ website and the deal is only valid for online as well, so you’ll have to wait a bit for shipping or you can pick it up at the store later on.

2014 has certainly been the year of tablet sales so far, as we’ve already seen numerous discounts on iPads and Kindles. It’s certainly a good thing for consumers as almost anyone looking for a new tablet is wanting a deal of some sort. These past couple of months certainly have not disappointed.

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