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iPad Trade In Deals Offer Cheaper Upgrade to iPad Air 2



Days before Apple announced its first iPad, there were industry insiders claiming the device would never be successful. Ironically, millions of users around the world find themselves looking forward to Apple’s October 16th iPad event. Users are excited to see what Apple has up its sleeve for what could very well be the iPad Air 2 or even an entirely new iPad design.

For users who have yet to purchase an iPad, picking up of these new iPads, which at the very least leaks reveal will have a TouchID fingerprint reader, the future is clear. They can buy the new iPad Air 2 or whatever Apple announces without any problems at all. For users who own a previous generation iPad the future is less clear. Having already spent a decent amount of money on tablets like the iPad Air, these users need to figure out if this new iPad is worth upgrading to and whether they should trade in their previous version.


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Before you even think about trading in your iPad Air or older iPad for whatever newer iPad Apple announces this Thursday, you need to know just how much you stand to make for your device. GottaBeMobile has collected the trade-in prices for the iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2.

The pricing below reflects the value of these devices on today, October 13th. For the purposes of this round-up we’re collecting pricing for each model iPad with 16GB of storage &  32GB of storage in the case of the iPad 4. Naturally, more expensive iPads with more storage and mobile internet connectivity will be worth more. Other prices listed below are for Like New versions with very little scratching and no screen damage.


Amazon Prime

Amazon is one of the largest sellers of electronics. The company also runs a pretty modest trade-in business that gets users Amazon credit in exchange for their older devices. Amazon provides labels, looks of the quality of the device in question and then applies the credit value to your Amazon account.

iPad Air with 16GB of Storage$277
iPad Air with 32GB of Storage$333
iPad 4 with 16GB of Storage$227
iPad 3 with 16GB of Storage$177
iPad 2 with 16GB of Storage$150



glyde logo

Glyde works a bit differently from other trade-in services. Whereas Amazon and others indirectly resells your device, Glyde lets sellers list their device up-front for a price they’re comfortable with. A slide allows users to adjust the sell price based on how quickly they’d like to get rid of it. The prices below include the fee already have the free that Glyde charges subtracted.

iPad Air with 16GB of Storage$277
iPad Air with 32GB of Storage$333
iPad 4 with 16GB of Storage$218
iPad 3 with 16GB of Storage$170
iPad 2 with 16GB of Storage$126




Apple’s trade-in program works roughly like Amazon’s. In exchange for their iPad Apple gives users who trade in their device to be recycled or reused a gift card. This gift card can be used on anything at all that Apple sells. Apple contracts this out to a third-party vendor called Brightstar. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t yet take the iPad Air.

iPad Air with 16GB of Storage
iPad Air with 32GB of Storage
iPad 4 with 16GB of Storage$175
iPad 3 with 16GB of Storage$115
iPad 2 with 16GB of Storage$85




Finally, there’s NextWorth. Like Amazon, those who trade in their devices at NextWorth get a quote online instantly. Users then send off their device to NextWorth’s warehouse to have it processed. The key difference is that instead of getting a gift card users can choose between payments through PayPal, a prepaid gift card, a Target gift card or a check.

iPad Air with 16GB of Storage$260
iPad Air with 32GB of Storage$295
iPad 4 with 16GB of Storage$175
iPad 3 with 16GB of Storage$140
iPad 2 with 16GB of Storage$100

These are the prices from the most high-profile online services, but there could be other options in your area. Retail chains like Best Buy and Staples also offer trade-in programs for iPads just like they do iPhones and other devices. Since both of those retailers sell Apple devices, it’s conceivable that they’ll offer the Apple iPad Air 2 or any other device the company announces on Thursday. Most major cities also have small local shops that allow users to trade-in their devices. These shops are convenient, but don’t always offer competitive pricing.

If you’re planning on trading in your iPad for the rumored iPad Air 2, it’s very important that you remember to clear everything from your iPad. Not doing so could put your sensitive information at risk. Also, be sure to round up your accessories, the Lightning cable and wall charger that came with your iPad. Not sending those along with your device could mean you get less in trade-in value.

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1 Comment

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