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iPad Trounces Kindle Fire in Customer Satisfaction Rankings



When it comes to satisfaction, iPad owners have it, and Android tablet owners can’t get any.

A new survey by ChangeWave Research finds that iPad owners are two times more likely to be “Very Satisfied” with their tablet purchase as Android tablet owners.

The survey compares the new iPad, iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Amazon Kindle Fire, which provides a range of price points and sizes to the survey.

iPad Satisfaction

iPad owners are more likely to be "Very Satisfied" with their purchase.

These results are not surprising. The iPad is far from perfect, but there are many issues with Android tablets that need addressed before satisfaction ratings and demand increase.

The inability to use all Android apps on every Android tablet is likely one reasons users are not satisfied. Without installing a hacked file, many Android tablet users cannot watch Hulu Plus and this is not a single occurrence.

Many times apps do not come to Android until much later than the iPad, and when they do they may not always work on all Android tablets.

Android tablets apps are growing, and I am pleased to see apps taking advantage of larger screens, but the ecosystem has a way to go.

Customer Satisfaction may also be hindered by the inability to use the entire Android app store on the Kindle Fire.

The good news here for the Android platform is that most users who are not “Very Satisfied” are “Somewhat Satisfied”. These owners may change their mind as software updates fix issues and deliver features.

Only Kindle Fire owners report that they are “Very Unsatisfied” with the Android tablet, and even then only 3% of owners.

Do you own an Android tablet? How do you like your purchase? Any things you would change if  you could?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jacob Romeyn

    06/05/2012 at 12:44 pm

    A very biased opinion. I have 3 different Tablets:
    1. Ipad
    2. Le Pan II
    3. Samsung Galaxy

    I have also tested the Kindle Fire and the RIM Tablet.

    I can see no functional benefits of one Android over the other, except for some functions the larger tablets like the Le Pan and the iPad are easier to use for most web sites.

    Most benefits are the cost. The Le Pan is have price of the iPad and functions just as well and better than the iPad I.

    For a smaller 7 Inch tablet you can’t beat the Kindle Fire.

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