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iPad unlimited 3G plan put to the test, 30GB in two days



Zach Epstein at Know Your Cell has taken it upon himself to see if the iPad’s so-called “unlimited” 3G plan is truly unlimited. Of course, with an upper limit on data speed and finite amount of time in a month, it can’t be truly unlimited, but 30GB in two days should cover most people.

Yes, somehow, and don’t ask me how, Zach managed to pull down 30GB of data over 3G in two days, which is enough to fill the 32GB iPad, minus space for OS and apps. For comparison, my iPhone lists my cellular network usage at 24.4GB, which I believe is counting from when I got it almost two years ago. Suffice to say, I could get by with 15GB a day.

Via The Consumerist

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