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iPassConnect Finally Supports Vista



iPass As a corporate user valiantly trying to upgrade to Vista, one last hold-out was my iPassConnect account. With the new iPassConnect version 3.60, iPass has finally launched the long-awaited support for Vista. iPass allows seamless connection to a myriad of WiFi hotspots, including all T-Mobile, so I can browse at any Starbucks I want. (Maybe I can go on a Coffee Break with jkOnTheRun) I’ve used iPass to connect in hotels, coffee shops, and many other places without being charged – just pay the iPass bills and get access at thousands of hotspots around the world. Although regular users can get iPass accounts, it’s mostly aimed at corporate users whose companies pay the bills.

And now, only a year after Vista launched, iPassConnect supports Vista. Now, if we can only get them to support Windows Mobile 6 as well…

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