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iPhone 3GS to Run iOS 6 Per Leaked iOS 6 Beta



The iPhone 3GS will most likely run iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s popular iPhone software.

The news comes hours before the official iOS 6 announcement at WWDC 2012, which kicks off at 10 AM Pacific today.

Late Sunday evening Macrumors found links to download the iOS 6 beta leaked to the Internet, including a link claiming to offer a download of the iOS 6 beta for the iPhone 3GS.

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ioS 6 for the iPhone 3GS

The link for ioS 6 for the iPhone 3GS is not working yet.

The link is not functioning at this time, but it may point to support for the three-year old iPhone though the next year. It may also indicate that Apple is not done selling the iPhone 3GS in the U.S. and other markets. Links like this appeared ahead of the iOS 5 beta release last year.

Banners are already hung thought the Moscone Center proclaiming the arrival of iOS 6. Apple calls iOS 6 the “World’s Most Advanced Mobile Operating System”.

We expect that Apple will announce the iOS 6 beta during the keynote, with links available for developers to download the iOS 6 beta by the end of the day.

The leaked iOS 6 beta download links include links to versions for the following Apple devices.

Third-generation iPad

– Consumer: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + Cellular (GSM), WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)

– Enterprise: Wi-Fi, WiFi + Cellular (GSM), WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)

iPad 2

– Consumer: Wi-Fi, WiFi + 3G (GSM), WiFi + 3G (CDMA), Revised Wi-Fi

– Enterprise: Wi-Fi, WiFi + 3G (GSM), WiFi + 3G (CDMA), Revised Wi-Fi


– Consumer: 4S, 4 (GSM), 4 (CDMA), 3GS

– Enterprise: 4S, 4 (GSM), 4 (CDMA), 3GS

iPod touch

– Consumer: 4th Generation

– Enterprise: 4th Generation

Apple TV

– Consumer: 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation

Other iOS

iOS 6 Beta Guide (PDF)

Installing Apple TV Software (PDF)

Noticeably absent is the original iPad, which is only 2 years old, with similar performance to the iPhone 4, which will get iOS 6.

The iPhone 3GS runs well on iOS 5.1.1, especially for an old phone. Adam Mills shares his impressions of iOS 5.1.1 on the iPhone 3GS.

Are you looking forward to iOS 6 on the iPhone 3GS?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jack Ellison

    06/11/2012 at 6:32 am

    If you want to install iOS 6 beta, make sure your UDID is registered. We do that over at – our registrations are secure (via PayPal) and instant, so you will have iOS 6 up and running in minutes…

    Check us out :)

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