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iPhone 4 AirPlay and FaceTime Commercials Prep You For the Future



The new iPhone 4 commercials may be the final primetime performance for the iPhone 4. In the latest iPhone commercials Apple shows off AirPlay and FaceTime, while reminding you that you need an iPhone to take advantage of these wireless features. The commercials set the stage for a new group of commercials, which we expect to see this Fall, showing off new features of the iPhone 5 and iOS 5.

The choice to focus on AirPlay and FaceTime is no surprise given the lesser known nature of these two features amongst average users. The new ads focus on tasks which will work just as well on the iPhone 5, which may launch as soon as 2 months from now.

The AirPlay ad is the most telling feature, as it shows that Apple wants to prepare us for a more connected home entertainment experience. Currently AirPlay can stream HD video, audio and photos to your Apple TV or to AirPlay stereos. The feature requires an Apple TV to work with video and photos, which is a barrier to entry for some users. This barrier will get lower this Fall, for existing iPad 2 owners, who will be able to use the service to mirror their iPad wirelessly on their HDTV with iOS 5.

The FaceTime ad focuses on the video chat service from Apple which works between the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac computers. Somehow Apple is able to spin these restrictions into a positive thing, almost like an exclusive club, instead of hindrance to getting in touch with all of your friends and family. We expect to see a similar ad touting iMessage when iOS 5 launches this Fall.

iPhone 4 FaceTime Demo

iPhone 4 to iPad FaceTime Demo


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