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iPhone 4 Falls from Skydiver’s Pocket and Lives



Apple’s iPhone 4 has survived drops from incredible heights before and it appears that it is at it again as CNN is reporting that an iPhone 4 survived a fall from a skydiver’s pocket as he was flying through the air at 13,500 feet.

iPhone 4

The last time we heard about one of these incredible feats, the iPhone 4 left the scene unscathed. Jarrod McKinney’s story is a little different. While skydiving, the phone apparently fell out of his pocket and hurtled towards the earth, coming to land on a roof top not far from where he landed with his parachute. He and the instructors located it using a GPS tracking application.

When he found it, he expected the phone to be destroyed since his 2-year old son had previously knocked his iPhone 4 off a bathroom shelf cracking the phone’s glass backing. What he found on that roof top shocked him. Yes, the phone was cracked, but it still worked.

The glass backing wasn’t the only thing that was shattered either. The screen apparently is completely shattered but McKinney plans on replacing it.

And while this doesn’t make me fall in love with the iPhone 4’s design, it apparently touched one of the sky diving instructors enough to convince him that he needs to get an iPhone 4 to take with him when he’s diving from planes.

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