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iPhone 4S Arrives in Store at 8 AM on October 14th — Line Up Early



Apple Stores will open 2 hours early on October 14th to accommodate the high iPhone 4S demand. If you missed out on the iPhone 4S preorders, this is your best bet to get an iPhone 4S in October.

Apple has run out of the first batch of online iPhone 4S preorders, and now new orders are shipping in 1-2 weeks.

If you plan to purchase your iPhone 4S at an Apple store on October 14th, this is good news. Unlike the iPad 2 launch, which didn’t start sales until 5PM local time, you will be able to get in the Apple Store early on October 14th.

iPhone 4S Apple Store Open

The Apple Store Will Open at 8 AM on October 14th to sell the iPhone 4S.

The bad news is that this means some people will be joining the iPhone 4S line late on October 13th. When waiting in line for a hot Apple product, it is nothing to see the early birds waiting in line for 5-8 hours. Some people have already started waiting in line for the iPhone 4S, back when we thought it was the iPhone 5.

If you plan to wait in line, be sure to take appropriate clothing, snacks, a bottle of water and if you have one, a fold up camping chair. I would also recommend your iPad or iPhone to keep you busy during the wait.

Apple asks that you upgrade your existing iPhone to iOS 5 on October 14th, which will likely make the transfer process easier.

You should also be sure that you have,

  • Your old mobile phone, if you’re replacing it.
  • Social Security number of the account holder.
  • Valid government-issued photo ID.
  • Carrier account password, if you have one.
  • Your Apple ID and password.

Make sure the information you have is for the account’s primary member, otherwise you may be in trouble.

Before you head out to the Apple store, you should read the following iPhone 4S guides to make sure you pick the best plan, carrier and phone for you.

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Are you going out to the store on October 14th? What’s your strategy?



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