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iPhone 4S Battery Fix App Is a Fake



The iPhone 4S has battery issues for many users, causing faster than expected battery drains, and an early end to connectivity and apps.

I’ve shared how to fix bad iPhone 4S battery life in 5 minutes, which is an easy way to fix battery life issues for many users, so I was interested to learn more when I heard about an iPhone 4S battery fix app that had appeared for jailbroken iPhone 4S’.

Now that there is an iPhone 4S jailbreak process, new jailbreak apps are coming out, including one that claims to fix bad iPhone 4S battery life.

The iPhone 4S jailbreak battery fix app claimed to change your iPhone 4S power settings, giving you longer battery life, but it turns out it does nothing but take your money.

fix iPhone 4S battery life

Dustin Howett, the same guy who brought us the first look at an iPhone 4S jailbreak on video, took apart the app with Sam Bingner, and discovered that the app doesn’t do anything.

The app replaces a system power profile on the iPhone 4S, but according to Bingner, “The reality is that it does absolutely nothing.” He looked into the settings and it turns out, the power settings are still the same as before.

So why release the fake iPhone 4S battery fix app? Simple, money.

In order to get access to the iPhone 4S battery app, users needed to pay $4.99 to join the insanelyi website. Form there they could add the repo, known for pirated apps, to their jailbroken iPhone 4S and install the app.

I can understand the desire to get better battery life on the iPhone 4S, but users need to be wary of apps claiming to fix their iPhone 4S battery life, especially if apps require that they jailbreak and pay a fee.

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  1. Anonymous

    01/31/2012 at 9:39 am

    good on you for pointing out the fake, can’t say the same for this sleezy site which is trying to promote the purchase of the app

  2. Mob176

    02/02/2012 at 7:13 pm

    This is for all the best hacker they should take a look at the music player on iOS 5 because once you use your music player your battery dies quicker than ever so pls take a look into that you could fix the problem there

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