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iPhone 4S Commercial Shows Off Siri As a Personal Assistant



Apple’s first real iPhone 4S ad hit the airwaves last night, and focuses in on the iPhone 4S’ defining and most tangible feature — the Siri Voice Assistant.

Rather than relying on robots and mastering fictional aspects of your life, this new ad from Apple shows several real world reasons to use Siri.

In doing so, Apple has just shown a nation of smartphone shoppers why they might want the iPhone 4S, even though it looks like the iPhone 4.

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In the iPhone 4S ad below, which Apple dubs, Assistant, you can see Siri being used for a number of things.

iPhone 4S commercial Siri WeaselIn the video, we see actors using Siri to perform a number of tasks such as,

  • Get help with a flat tire
  • Learning how to tie a bow tie
  • Finding Directions to a nearby hospital
  • Finding the weather in a city
  • Reminding to do something at a specific location
  • Finding out what something looks like (and getting a real picture)
  • Setting an alarm
  • Finding a locksmith
  • Playing music by Artist name

The cool part about this commercial is that these tasks really work. You can even go a step further by using nicknames for locations and contacts.

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