iPhone 4S Deal: $166.99 at Radio Shack Sunday
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iPhone 4S Deal: $166.99 at Radio Shack Sunday



Radio Shack will offer the Apple iPhone 4S starting this Sunday for only $169.99, $30 off the regular price with a two-year contract.

The 16GB iPhone 4S will go on sale starting Sunday, December 11 when stores open, according to Boy Genius Reports.

Radio Shack will discount the other iPhone models as well with the iPhone 3GS 8GB model still being free. The iPhone 4 both 8GB and 16GB models will cost $69.99 and the 32GB iPhone 4 will also go for $169.99.

You can grab the 32GB 4S for $269.99 and the 64GB model for $369.99. Radio Shack also advertises that you might be able to get even steeper discounts for refurbished models if you ask the sales associate about them.

All of these deals require a two-year commitment, which will push the true cost of an iPhone 4S on AT&T to thousands.

BGR radioshack iphone4s sale dec

Early upgraders might be able to add two years to their contract for higher price but still lower than grabbing the phones at full off contract price which ranges between $599.99 for a 3GS and $999.99 for the 64GB 4S. Just add $360 to the advertised price. For example, the 32GB iPhone 4S will cost $549.99 for early upgraders but $899.99 out of contract.

As I look at these deals I wonder why anyone would ever buy an iPhone 3GS when you can get a 4 for just $70. The 3GS comes with a slower processor, lower resolution screen and camera, and will soon likely be dropped off the list of phones receiving iOS updates.

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1 Comment

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