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iPhone 4S Getting Micro USB Adapter in Europe



Apple prides itself on doing things differently, but that’s not always a good thing. The iPhone 4S maker is conforming with European Union standards by offering up Micro USB charging in the iPhone 4S…sort of.

Instead of moving away from the 30-pin iPod adapter that’s a charging and syncing port on the bottom of the iPhone itself, Apple will be offering an optional adapter. The £8 adapter will allow iPhone 4S customers to both sync and charge their devices via Micro USB. This is convenient since most other mobile devices come with micro-USB chargers and cables. This means you won’t have to hunt down an Apple adapter to charge up your iPhone.

Unfortunately, it does mean you’ll need to keep track of the adapter itself. The adapter is tiny and something that’ll get lost by less organized iPhone users.

The iPhone Micro USB adapter will be available starting October 14th, the same day the iPhone 4S launches. It will apparently work with previous iPhone models as well.

There’s no word if this accessory will be available from Apple’s U.S. stores.

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Micro USB adapter screen grab via Engadget. 


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