iPhone 4s iOS 9 Release: 7 Things to Expect
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iPhone 4s iOS 9 Release: 7 Things to Expect



iOS 9 Release Time

iOS 9 Release Time

You can expect the iPhone 4s iOS 9 release time to mirror what Apple's done with its past iOS releases. We wouldn't expect anything else. 

The iOS 9 release time should come between 9AM and 10AM on the United States' west coast. That's the PST zone for those interested. Unless Apple releases the update on the 9th, this is when we'd expect the update to roll out. 

Not everyone lives on the west coast and those in other parts of the world can expect it to arrive during different parts of the day. Here's what we expect from the iOS 9 release time in other key cities around the world:

London – 6 PM

Moscow – 9 PM

New Dehli – 10:30 PM

Shanghai – 1 AM

Tokyo – 2 AM

Melbourne – 3 AM

Auckland – 5 AM

We might not see it arrive on the dot but it should arrive sometime around then in those regions. So if you live in Japan, be prepared to stay up late.

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