iPhone 4s iOS 9 Release: 7 Things to Expect
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iPhone 4s iOS 9 Release: 7 Things to Expect



iPhone 4s iOS 9 Problems

iPhone 4s iOS 9 Problems

You should expect there to be iPhone 4s iOS 9 problems. Apple and its testing partners have been working hard to squash bugs ahead of the public release but we always see problems emerge in the seconds, hours and weeks after an iOS release. iOS 9 will be no different, especially on an older device like the iPhone 4s. 

We expect the first iPhone 4s iOS 9 problems to revolve around installation issues. Apple's servers will undoubtedly get hammered when it releases iOS 9. We expect to see some installation problems arise because of that. 

That said, we expect installations issues to be far more limited this year. Apple's cut down the amount of free space needed to install an update Over-the-Air and we expect 8GB and 16GB iPhone 4s users to be far more pleasant this year. We'll still see complaints but we don't expect them to be as widespread.

We also expect the usual set of complaints about battery drain, connectivity issues, lag, and problems with apps. These are common and they pop up after every single iOS upgrade and particularly after big upgrades like iOS 9.

You can expect many of our fixes to squash iPhone 4s iOS 9 problems though so make sure you keep them in mind as we push towards a release.

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