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iPhone 4S Rumors Get Boost From Germany’s Vodafone Website



The sharp eyes over at spotted something interesting on the German Vodaphone website: listings for cases to cover three iPhone 4S models with 16, 32, and 64GB sizes and an iPhone 4 8GB model. No, not actual listings for the phones, just listings for bumper cases to fit them. It lends to rumors that have persisted for a while that Apple will announce a low-cost iPhone4, a 4S model with slightly improved specs, plus the iPhone 5.

It could be that Vodafone, like some American carriers and stores, is creating options for phones based on the same rumors everyone is hearing. As MacRumors points out, they might as well have those product pages ready so consumers can start ordering their accessories immediately upon learning that the new phone exists, right?

All will be revealed at tomorrow’s Apple event, but we have more than 24 hours more to speculate on what the company will announce.

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