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iPhone 4S Teardown Takes You Inside Apple’s Latest iPhone



Tomorrow is a big day for millions of people out there as it’s launch day for Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 4S. And we’re just going to assume that when it arrives, you’re not going to take it apart and peer into the device’s inner workings in order to get a better grasp of the device that’s in your hands.

Not when there are folks like iFixit who do the dirty work for the rest of us.

They were able to get their hands on an iPhone 4S a day early and piece by piece, took the hardware apart to see what secrets, if any, Apple’s device had to offer.

Turns out, there aren’t many. The iPhone 4S is pretty much exactly what we thought it was. An iPhone 4S refresh. However, the teardown did confirm a couple of interesting tidbits so let’s run over those.

iPhone 4S

First, we have confirmation that the iPhone 4S has the same 512MB of RAM found in the iPhone 4S. We also get a glimpse at the iPhone 4S’ A5 dual-core processor which is a 1GHz processor but is underclocked in order to save battery life.

iPhone 4S

We also get a glimpse at the iPhone 4S’ new battery and we see that it has an extra .05 WHrs than the count found on the iPhone 4 which increases the amount of talk time by an hour on the new iPhone.

iPhone 4S

So, no surprises here.

We’ll likely have to wait for next year’s iPhone for those.



  1. Lloyd Christmas

    10/13/2011 at 4:52 pm

    Meh. That sums it up.

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