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Quirky and Fab Create iPhone 5 Accessories In Just 24 Hours



When Apple announced the iPhone 5 some companies already had their new accessories ready-made, but Quirky and Fab had a different idea. The two companies teamed up to create new iPhone 5 accessories in just one day, and the result is seven distinct and interesting accessories.

To create the new accessories the companies used Quirky’s model of crowd-sourcing ideas. After users submitted ideas Quirky fabricated some of the ideas to see how they would work out, and decided to move forward with the best ideas. After 24 hours the project resulted in six different iPhone 5 cases and one dock.

After creating the products in one day every one is now in a Fab sale that will last for the next few days.

Of the six cases, three are of a standard variety that cover the back and sides of the phone while leaving the front bare. The Pli uses “Eames-inspired design principles” to make an elegant case out of walnut plywood that looks great.

The Luminum case uses the idea of a two-tone back from the iPhone 5 itself and comes in three different varieties: silver and white, two-tone black, and copper and black.

The Pegit looks like a simple iPhone 5 case with a geometric design that covers the back and sides of the device. The draw of the Pegit is the colored shapes on the back are replaceable so users who buy multiple cases can rearrange the colors on the rear pegboard to fit their personal style.

Quicky and Fab iPhone 5 accesories

The other three iPhone 5 cases are all variations on wallet cases which we started to see with the iPhone 4S. The first and simplest case is the Crossover which covers the back of the iPhone 5 in an X shape and only covers the corners of the device. The two silicon bands of the case can stretch so users can store a credit card or cash on the back of their phone.

The Folio also holds credit cards or cash, with slots to hold three cards on the back of the iPhone 5. Underneath the soft touch wallet is a loop that users can use to wrap up their headphones or EarPods so they never have to worry about losing or tangling them.

The last iPhone 5 wallet case is the Keeper. It’s a plain black iPhone 5 case with a “leather-feel” bifold wallet below the camera. One side of the wallet has a clear slot for an ID card or license while the other has two slots for credit cards or money.

The iPhone 5 dock is the Core, and it looks like it uses the Lightning cable that come with the iPhone 5 to change the device. The Core is about 3-inches tall, and has two extra USB ports so users can also charge other devices with it.

All of the new accessories are only sold through Fab and range in price from $34.99 to $39.99. Every iPhone 5 accessory ships in 5-6 weeks.



  1. gadgetsbaby

    09/20/2012 at 1:23 am

    The first made iPhone 5 cases are the cases that analysts predict how the new iphone 5 will look like. Also these days there’re lots of articles that are talking about cases whether the leather or folded cases even the customized and printed one. But the prices of you guys are little higher than other rates, but thanks anyways.

  2. Nelle

    09/23/2012 at 6:43 am

    This demonstrates why designers usually think about something for more than a few hours before putting it on sale. Elastic cords as a case? Sad.

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