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iPhone 5: Apple Aims for Super-Thin iPhone 5



Apple pushes boundaries for thin gadgets. New rumors point to an incredibly thin iPhone 5 this fall, thinner than the Droid RAZR and approaching the thinness of the HTC One S.

Apple is reportedly switching to In-cell touch panels for the iPhone 5, a move that will allow Apple to design a thinner iPhone.

AppleInsider reports that Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, says the new in-cel touch technology will allow Apple to cut 0.44 mm off the thickness of the new iPhone.

iPhone 5 thinner than iPhone 4s

Apple aims for a thinner iPhone 5, dropping below 8mm thick.

Kuo suggests that Apple will cut even more metal from the iPhone 5, dropping the thickness down to under 8mm. The current iPhone 4S is 9.3mm thick, which means this would be a 1.3mm reduction in thickness.

The HTC One S is one of a few smartphones that measure under 8mm in thickness, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices. The One S lasted 10-13 hours on T-Mobile’s 4G network, with the screen set to around 10%. iPhone 5 rumors claim that the new phone will have 4G LTE, a faster network that uses more power than 3G and 4G networks, and could be the bottleneck in a race for thinner phones.

HTC chooses thin phones over good battery life.

HTC chooses thin phones over good battery life.

HTC claims that users choose thinner phones over battery life, because when the phone dies it still looks thin and cool. While HTC is fine making battery life sacrifices for phones, I’m hopeful that Apple will not make the same sacrifices.

Analysts say the iPhone 5 is the “Mother of All Upgrades“, with 4G LTE, a new design and may see a screen bump to 4-inches. The larger screen and 4G LTE connection will use battery life faster, so I would rather see Apple use the space savings for a larger battery. Apple may also incorporate Liquidmetal into the design of the iPhone 5.

We expect the iPhone 5 release in October or fall 2012 based on the lack of any iOS 6 announcements.



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