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iPhone 5 Battery Cases In Stores as Early as February



The first batch of iPhone 5 battery cases are on display at CES 2013, offering hours of extra use, but iPhone 5 owners can’t buy an iPhone 5 battery case until February or March.

Accessory makers like Dexim, uNu and MyCharge showed off iPhone 5 battery cases during the first day of CES, ranging from $69.95 to $99.99 with various sizes, colors and finishes.

The iPhone 5 uses a new lightning connector which case makers are working hard to implement into an iPhone 5 battery case, but Apple’s stringent Made For iPhone rules mean we won’t see the cases on store shelves for another month or two.

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iPhone 5 Battery Cases

We are still waiting for a Mophie iPhone 5 case, which we expect more details on in the near future. Based on the details revealed by other case makers this could arrive in March as well.

MyCharge Freedom iPhone 5 Battery Case

MyCharge iPhone 5 Battery Case

The MyCharge Freedom iPhone 5 battery cases arrive in March.

The  MyCharge Freedom 1500 and Freedom 2000 iPhone 5 battery cases are coming to Amazon and Best Buy in March for $79 and $99 respectively. The MyCharge Freedom 1500 promises 6 hours of additional talk time and the higher capacity Freedom 2000 delivers 9 hours of additional talk time.

Dexim XPowerSkin for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Battery Case - 3

The Dexim iPhone 5 battery case arrives in February.

The Dexim XPowerSkin for iPhone 5 is a thin and light iPhone 5 battery case available in a number of colors. This iPhone 5 case features a 2,000 mAh battery and will retail for $69.99 on Amazon on February 1st.

uNu Endliss Hybrid iPhone 5 Battery Case

Unu iPhone 5 battery case

The Unu iPhone 5 battery case packs a USB port to charge other devices.

The uNu Endliss Hybrid iPhone 5 battery case has a 2,000mAh battery that slides off when the phone is fully charged, leaving a slim protective case on the iPhone. This iPhone 5 battery case allows the iPhone 5 to charge via Micro USB. This case also includes a USB port that lets users connect a Lightning cable to charge up an iPad Mini or other device so the battery isn’t limited to just the iPhone 5.

uNu Endliss Smart Case for iPhone 5

Unu Smart Case iPhone 5 battery

The Unu Smart Case includes a battery and an LED array for notifications.

Unu also revealed the Smart Case for iPhone 5, a battery case that puts a multi-colored LED display on the back of the iPhone 5. This case includes a 1,500mAh battery and connects to the iPhone over Bluetooth 4.0 so users can control the display. The display shows graphic alerts for calls and push notifications.

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After third-party case makers gain Apple approval for their Lightning connections, we expect an avalanche of iPhone 5 battery cases. We’ve already heard from several case makers that they plan to show off iPhone 5 battery cases on the show floor and behind closed doors, so short iPhone 5 battery life should end soon.



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