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iPhone 5 Concept Appears in Video



While several iPhone 5 concepts have appeared as images, today we have a look at an iPhone 5 concept on video.

Isaac Royo, courtesy of 9to5Mac, posted a video today showcasing an iPhone with a 3.95-inch screen and several other bells and whistles that have been rumored to be coming along with Apple’s next iPhone. The video appears to be in response to a report from earlier today that pegged the next iPhone as having a 3.95-inch display with 1136×640 resolution.

Another rumor later in the day, based on a leaked part, has pegged the next iPhone as possibly having a 4.1-inch display. Earlier reports suggested that Apple might be releasing an iPhone with a screen size of 4-inches or more.

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Along with the new purported screen size, Royo’s concept brings together some of the other rumored features of the iPhone 5 including the 4G LTE data speeds that are expected to accompany the device’s launch.

Other features on Royo’s concept include a new 12MP iSight camera, a retro-illuminated touch home button that might be out of the question, and a Thunderbolt port on the top of the phone for fast data transfers.

In addition, the concept sports Apple’s A5X dual-core processor – the same processor found in the new third-generation iPad, as well as iOS 6 which the company is expected to debut at the upcoming WWDC 2012 which will take place in June.

It also has a 3MP high-definition front facing camera for use with services like FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts. Apple has been rumored to be adding FaceTime over 3G in a future software update.

The concept also employs a Retina Display with 1024 x 720 resolution.

Apple isn’t expected to release the next iPhone until the fall of this year, possibly in September or October.



  1. Sandra Bauker

    05/22/2012 at 5:07 pm

    An iPhone 5 concept appeared in a video called, “iPhone 5 Concept Design”? OMG somebody alert the government! THIS IS CHAOS!!! What are the chances an iPhone 5 concept would appear in a video with the name of, “iPhone 5 Concept Design”. We need to get the military to drop everything they are doing, and track down the roots of this video. Then they need to put the creator of whoever put the iPhone 5 concept in the video named, “iPhone 5 Concept Design” on the death sentence, for putting an iPhone 5 concept in a video called, “iPhone 5 Concept Design”! Extremely good article. I have to say i am extremely impressed by your ability to find an iPhone 5 concept in a video labeled “IPHONE 5 CONCEPT DESIGN”!!!!!

    • melly84636

      05/22/2012 at 5:17 pm

      Yes, Adam Mills, this is an extremely good name for your article. I was shocked when I realized an iPhone 5 Concept actually did appear in the video. My heart was beating faster and faster as i slowly moved my mouse over the play button. I took a deep breath, partially covering my eyes, anticipating what was going to be shown in the video. I pressed the play button, and their it was. Directly in front of my eyes appeared an iPhone 5 Concept. What are the chances, that an iPhone 5 Concept would appear in a video labeled “iPhone 5 Concept”. A truly unbelievable find, by a truly unbelievable person. You are my hero Adam Mills.

  2. Rick Shaw

    05/23/2012 at 3:00 am

    I’m shocked that you wrote an iPhone 5 article without the word pegged or slated…

  3. iphone 5 launch

    05/23/2012 at 5:23 am

    Nicely and thoughtfully written title Adam. I am sure, the headline of your article is really going to provoke the readers to watch the video at least for once.

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