iPhone 5 Deal War Heats Up, Fry's Offers $126 iPhone 5
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iPhone 5 Deal War Heats Up, Fry’s Offers $126 iPhone 5



The iPhone 5 deals keep coming this holiday season as Fry’s fires back with a $126 iPhone 5, beating out Walmart and Best Buy for the lowest price for an iPhone 5 with a two-year contract.

The 16GB iPhone 5 is $126, the 32GB model is $226 and the 64GB model is $326. All of these represent $74 in savings over the iPhone 5 direct from a carrier or from Apple.

Unlike Walmart’s iPhone 5 deal, Fry’s is selling all sizes of the iPhone 5 at a discount, but there is no discount on the iPad. Fry’s cannot sell the iPhone 5 online, so users will need to stop in at one of Fry’s retail locations.

iPhone 5 deals Frys Walmart

The iPhone 5 deal war heats up with Fry’s undercutting Walmart.

The latest iPhone 5 deal is part of a holiday price war on the iPhone 5, which started when Best Buy knocked $50 off the price of an iPhone 5 in early December. Target, RadioShack and Apple fired back, price-matching the iPhone 5 deals for major carriers. At $149, the three-month old iPhone 5 was tempting, especially considering it matched the refurbished iPhone 5 pricing.

Walmart joined the iPhone 5 deal war on Friday dropping the price of the 16GB iPhone 5 to $127, and offering the iPad 3rd generation for $399. + a $30 iTunes gift card.

The Fry’s iPhone 5 deal beats Walmart by $1, but it’s not a better deal for most shoppers. Fry’s can only sell the iPhone 5 at this price in its retail locations. Fry’s only operates stores in nine states.

It’s surprising to see this many iPhone 5 deals this soon after launch. Apple appears to finally be caught up with demand for the new iPhone, with online orders shipping in days and the iPhone 5 available at most stores without a wait.

The iPhone 5 is now only $26 more than the iPhone 4S, making it the default choice for any iPhone 5 shopper and a tempting choice for users considering an Android smartphone like the Galaxy S3 or Droid RAZR HD based on price.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. soundenhanced

    02/28/2013 at 7:38 am

    These are not the same iPhone 5s you get at the Apple Store. They are a different model number. Some have limitations. I got an iPhone 5 at Frys and could not get the personal hotspot feature to turn on. After 5 days of support with AT&T and Apple, Apple finally figured out that I had a Canadian model iPhone 5, which doesn’t allow data tethering in the US. After trying to exchange it I was told they only sell the Canadian model there. Returned it and went to the Apple Store to get a real one. Worked perfectly.

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