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iPhone 5: Foxconn Starts Hiring Blitz for New iPhone



Foxconn, the company that supplies workers and factories for the production of the iPhone and the new iPad is looking for 20,000 new employees to handle production of a new iPhone.

Local sources in China claim that Foxconn is looking for a large number of employees to work on the production of the iPhone 5.

The new iPhone, which will hopefully be called the iPhone 5, could launch later this year complete with 4G LTE, NFC and perhaps even a new design.

Foxconn provides manufacturing for Apple and many other large consumer electronics companies. The production process is intense and repetitive. Nightline revealed that Foxconn workers make the iPhone by hand, which is why Foxconn needs so many workers.

The iPhone 4S goes through 141 steps from the start of the assembly line to the end before it’s boxed up and shipped to the U.S. The iPad by comparison requires 325 hands and takes 5 days to assemble.

Apple Foxconn Worker

Foxconn worker in China, working on an Apple product.

It makes sense that Foxconn needs more employees to meet produce the iPhone 5. If production is kicking off soon, the company can’t shift workers from the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S lines. If Apple follows through on the plans they started last year, Foxconn wouldn’t want to do this anyway as they will need to keep producing the iPhone 4S after the Apple announces the iPhone 5.

Another reason Apple wants to start production early is to launch in more countries on day one. This strategy killed off the grey market for the new iPad, and solving the supply and demand for the iPhone 5 before it launches could do the same and increase opening weekend sales.


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