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iPhone 5 Hands-On Video Roundup



The Apple iPhone 5 announcement is the talk of the week and various publications are already getting their hands-on with the next-generation smartphone. We’ve got a roundup of all the media hands-on right now.

Most of the hands-on we’ve been reading right now state that the iPhone 5 feels noticeably slimmer and lighter in the hands.

We’ll continue to update this space with more video roundups throughout the day when those go live.

The Verge:



You can also visit CNET to see their hands-on video of the iPhone 5 as well on the day of the announcement.

You may also want to check out the iPhone 5 announcement and see what’s new. Among the features are a larger display, slimmer chassis, improved cameras, 4G LTE network support, and faster Apple A6 processor.


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