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iPhone 5 iOS 8.1.2 Update: What You Need to Know



Ten days ago, Apple released a brand new iOS 8.1.2 update for iPhone, yet another bug fixer aimed at curtailing iOS 8 problems. Today, we want to take a look at what you need to know about the iPhone 5 iOS 8.1.2 update, a small but important update that’s currently available to those that own the aging former flagship.

Those who have owned the iPhone 5 since it came out back in 2012 have been through numerous software updates. Apple’s iPhone 5 arrived with iOS 6 on board but the device has since shifted to iOS 7 and now Apple’s iOS 8 update. iPhones typically are updated for three years before they’re kicked to the curb which means that the iPhone 5 may only have one update left in the tank.

For now, iPhone 5 users must contend with iOS 8, an update that delivered a number of new features to the iPhone 5 but one that also came with a host of new problems. iOS 8 problems emerged shortly after the iOS 8.0 release in September and iPhone 5 users in particular have been vocal about the problems plaguing their device on iOS 8.


Through a series of iOS 8 updates, Apple’s attempted to crush lingering iOS 8 problems. iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.2 eradicated a great number of issues, as did the iOS 8.1 update that emerged on October 20th. iOS 8.1.1 and more recently, iOS 8.1.2, both attempted to do the same. iOS 8.1.2, like the iOS 8.1.1 update before it, is a small bug fix update.

Apple’s iOS 8 track record has some people nervous about making the move to iOS 8.1.2. It doesn’t help that there are iPhone 5 users complaining about perceived iOS 8.1.2 problems. With all of that in mind, we want to take a final, detailed look at the iPhone 5 iOS 8.1.2 update as we head into the holidays and into the new year.

iOS 8 Roller Coaster Ride

Apple’s iOS 8 update has been very personal. I bought the iPhone 5 right when it first came out and it was a device I used every single day for two years straight. It’s still, after all of these years, one of my favorite phones. While I’ve since replaced it with an iPhone 6, many people I know haven’t. They’re still latching onto it. With those people in mind, I’ve been keeping the iPhone 5 a part of my daily routine and I will continue to do so until Apple stops offering updates.

For me, the overall iOS 8 update has been a roller coaster ride. iOS 8.0, iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.2 all treated the device well. iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.1.1 changed all that. Instead of a smooth experience, I started experience a ton of abnormal slow down. The device started to lag similar to how it lagged after the iOS 7 update. Apple’s iOS 7.1 set those problems straight but for whatever reason, they returned with iOS 8.1.

I’ve seen a little bit of an improvement after installing iOS 8.1.2 but not much. It’s still not as fluid as it was with iOS 8.0.2 on board and it’s still extremely disappointing. Though it’s not unexpected. The older a device gets, the more trouble it incurs. So I’m not surprised to see the iPhone 5 starting to deteriorate after two long years. I just didn’t expect it to arrive this early.

The iPhone 5  does have some life left in it so I’m hopeful that another iOS 8 update, or perhaps iOS 9, will improve the speed just like iOS 7.1 did earlier this year.


There’s a point to my rambling. If you’re on iOS 7.1.2 or below and you’re having an extremely solid experience, you’re going to need to be very careful. There’s potential for you to encounter decreased performance after shifting from last year’s update. For many of you, that’s going to be unacceptable. If I didn’t own the iPhone 6, I’d be going insane.

The one saving grace is that iOS 8.1.2 seems to be performing a little bit better than iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.1. Not a lot, but enough that it might be worth it to some of you.

If you’re not having any problems on the version that you’re on, I’d go into a holding pattern and wait for whatever is next. iOS 8.1.2 is a small update but has the potential to have a big impact on your phone. And if you’re not looking to buy another phone any time soon, many of you won’t be able to afford having those problems.

Can’t Drop Down to iOS 8.1.1

If you moved to iOS 8.1.2 and you’re having problems, you’re stuck. We’ve heard from a number of iPhone 5 users who are experiencing iOS 8.1.2 problems and unfortunately, your options are now limited.

Before yesterday, you could downgrade to iOS 8.1.1. Now, you can’t. Apple’s no longer signing on the update which means that those of you not in the beta program will remain on iOS 8.1.2 until the next iOS update arrives.

It also means that those of you with iPhone 5 problems are going to need to depend on third-party fixes to solve your issues. We’ve put together a good list of them but it’s simply a starting point. You may have to dig around for a permanent fix for what’s bothering your iPhone 5.

iOS 8.1.2 Performance

There are some positives that iPhone 5 users need to know about. While the iPhone 5 is dealing with some serious speed issues, I haven’t run into any significant iOS 8.1.2 bugs or any problems with connectivity or battery life. While speed’s taken a hit, the device still holds a solid charge and it’s still able to pull down fast Wi-Fi and LTE data speeds. So there’s that.

More iOS 8 Updates

You’re not going to be stuck on iOS 8.1.2 forever. Apple’s cooking up at least one more iOS 8 update. iOS 8.2 is currently in the company’s beta program and it recently shifted to its third beta. Apple still hasn’t confirmed the release date though given the tie-ins with the Apple Watch, it’ll probably arrive, HealthKit features and bug fixes in hand, sometime next year. It has the potential to eliminate lingering iOS 8 problems and my hope is that it restores the speed.

There are also rumors regarding a new iOS 8.1.3 update. iOS 8.1.3 isn’t confirmed but it does look like Apple is testing the software before a potential release ahead of iOS 8.2. If Apple does release an iOS 8.1.3 update for the iPhone 5, there’s a good chance that it could have some new bug fixes on board for iOS 8 problems.


There’s also a good chance it, like iOS 8.2, won’t arrive until next year which means you’ll need to survive on third-party fixes until then. There’s also a possibility that it will be aimed at the iOS 8.1.2 Taig jailbreak that’s out right now. Apple engineers are constantly engaged in a game of cat and mouse with jailbreak devs and the company almost always patches up security exploits used by jailbreaks in new updates. It also thanks the development teams for spotting the bugs.

So if you’re thinking about jailbreaking and you want to get Apple’s latest software on board, you might want to think about making your move in the near future. You may only have a few weeks.

iOS 8.1.2 Tips

Now is also a good time to remind you that we’ve put together a number of iOS 8.1.2 tips aimed at iPhone users thinking about making the move to iOS 8.1.2 and iPhone 5 users already on iOS 8.1.2. These are not meant for power users. Instead, they’re meant to help those who may have just picked up an iPhone and those that aren’t skilled with iOS.



  1. olga laurel

    12/28/2014 at 9:53 am

    I currently have the 8.0.2 ios on my iphone 5. As per your reviews and postings here, I’m staying with this ios until Apple releases an acceptable ios for my aging phone. I have a question though, since I’m not updating my phone to the current ios, is it best NOT to update my apps? What do you recommend?

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