iPhone 5 Mashed Up with Galaxy S III for Super Phone (Video)

The iPhone 5 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2012 and the Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the best Android phones available, so there are plenty of reasons to want both smartphones.

After using the Samsung Galaxy S III for a few days I started wishing for a combination of the Galaxy S III hardware and the iPhone 5 features and software.

I started to duct tape my iPhone 4S and the the Samsung Galaxy  S III together, but then I saw the iSung Galaxy 5 on TechRadar.

The iSung Galaxy V is the result of the best rumored iPhone 5 features and the best parts of the Samsugn Galaxy S III. Check out the smartphone we all wish we could buy.

The iPhone 5 Galaxy S III mashup delivers a huge display like the Galaxy S III, but keeps the size of the device in check thanks to a very small bezel.

The iSung also adds the Android menu and back buttons to the bottom of the phone, giving users an easy way to go back one screen.

iPhone 5 Galaxy S III Mashup
The iPhone 5 Galaxy S III mashup combines the best of both phones.

The combined smartphone also includes an “Ultra Shutter” capable fo super fast shutter speeds. Thanks to NFC, “iBeam” will send the photo to another phone wirelessly in seconds.

No phone would be complete without the ability to watch a video or play Temple run while searching the web, so that’s included too.

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iPhone 5 Rumors

The iPhone 5 is rumored to launch this fall with a larger 4-inch display and 4G LTE connectivity. The latest leaks indicate that Apple may add a quad-core processor to the iPhone 5 in order to beef up the gaming experience.

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The leaked iPhone 5 designs share a resemblance with the video shown above, but overall current leaks suggest the iPhone 5 will not feature a drastic redesign with new buttons.

Sources in the Apple supply chain have leaked parts and design information to analysts and case makers, pointing towards a taller thinner iPhone. Some leaks indicate that the iPhone 5 will ship with NFC support to wirelessly transfer photos and make mobile payments.

While we don’t expect an iPhone 5 Galaxy S III mashup, many Apple users would enjoy seeing an iPhone with our favorite Android features.

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  1. jzero

    07/08/2012 at 2:29 am

    Its funny that i always hear iphoners pine for android features (notification bar, customisable home screen, mini sd, ect.) But i have yet to hear an androider thirst for an iphone feature…


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