iPhone 5 Pegged for Fall with Similar Sized Screen
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iPhone 5 Pegged for Fall with Similar Sized Screen



Earlier this week, we heard that Apple might be planning to make a major change to the display of the iPhone, specifically, boost it up to 4.6-inches. And while that’s still a possibility, another report has chimed in stating that the next iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 5, will keep a similar screen size. The screen size on all the previous iPhones is 3.5-inches.

iMore states that while Apple could decide to bump the size up a little bit, it will come nowhere close to the 4.6-inch size that was rumored earlier in the week.

In addition, we get more confirmation of the next iPhone employing 4G LTE capabilities, something that seems fairly certain given the fact that the new iPad features those fast data speeds.

iPhone 5 Pegged for Fall with Similar Sized Screen

Verizon all but confirmed this to be the case when it said that it would only be releasing 4G LTE smartphones this year. So unless the iPhone is an exception, it appears certain that the next iPhone will come with 4G LTE on board.

The report also goes on to say that the next iPhone should arrive in the fall, not at WWDC during the summer.

That release window is something that we’ve heard prior to today and seemed to be confirmed by C-Spire’s September 4G LTE roll out plan. C-Spire is one of four carriers that is host to Apple’s iPhone 4S.

There should also be a new “micro dock” connector on board the next iPhone as well with Apple apparently planning to chop down the size of the current 30-pin dock connector.

4G LTE, fall release, same size screen.

That’s where we’re at folks.



  1. Dale Strauss

    03/23/2012 at 1:50 pm

    I can’t believe they couldn’t squeeze 4″ in there if you get rid of the bezel. Surely they didn’t buy a lifetime supply of the 3.5″ version…

  2. Don galter

    03/23/2012 at 11:15 pm

    Four inch screen has been ordered from Samsung

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