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iPhone 5 Pictures Show Off New Rumored Design



New photos which purportedly show the iPhone 5 assembled have emerged today ahead of the iPhone 5 launch event, scheduled for September 12th in San Francisco.

The folks at repair site iResQ, who have leaked supposed iPhone 5 parts before, are back at it again today with another leak that seems to show off a device that could mirror the real iPhone 5 that Apple announces next week.

This device is a culmination of all the parts that iResQ received and it shows off a nearly completed device. The key parts that are missing include the two plastic or glass covers that live on the top and bottom of the iPhone’s back casing and the inside is missing the logic board and several other components.


The phone on the left shows off the rumored iPhone 5 design.

And while it doesn’t boot up like the iPhone 5 we saw earlier today, it does give us another look at what to expect from the design that we expect to arrive with Apple’s new iPhone.

We also get a good look at it next to an iPhone 4S, showing off its thinness, new smaller dock connector, taller body, larger screen, and repositioned headphone jack.


Here we see the iPhone 5’s rumored smaller dock connector.

All of those features are said to be on board the next iPhone. As for the rest of the iPhone 5, it’s expected to feature 4G LTE data speeds, a new HD front-facing camera, and of course, iOS 6 as its operating system.

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Earlier today, we saw video and photos of another purported iPhone 5 that appears to be very similar to this iPhone 5. So unless Apple has undertaken the largest misdirection campaign in its history, it’s looking like this will be the design of the new iPhone.

We’ll know next week when Apple unveils the iPhone 5 for the first time in the official arena.


Apple’s new iPhone 5 is expected to launch next week with a release date possibly taking place later in the month on September 21st. That release date remains the only credible date for a release, thus far.



  1. Eggs and Bacon

    09/06/2012 at 2:36 am

    Oh man, I cant wait for Samsung to sue these bums for increasing the screen size.

  2. angeline

    11/10/2012 at 11:52 pm

    you feel no cellphone

  3. angeline

    11/10/2012 at 11:53 pm


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