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iPhone 5 Release Date Announcement Expected October 5th



An Apple employee has reportedly leaked more details about the iPhone 5 release date. According to an un-named Apple employee Apple is set to announce the iPhone 5 and the launch of iOS 5 on October 5th.

This day, 5-5-5 wouldn’t hit a jackpot in a casino, but it is already delivering returns for Apple investors who drove Apple stock to an all time high this week.

Speaking to Beatweek Magazine an Apple staffer said that the iPhone 5 announcement will take place in 14 days, which would put us on Tuesday October 4th or Wednesday October 5th.

Apple has traditionally used these two days of the week for product announcements, and it’s hard to believe that the company would pass on lining up the launch of the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 with the 5th of October.

This would be just 2 days before Sprint’s Media Event to brief reporters on Sprint’s strategy. If Sprint is getting the iPhone 5, this event is telling as it would give reporters time to get from California to NY and get the latest on how Sprint plans to use the iPhone 5 to grow.

iPhone 5 release date

The iPhone 5 release date may be revealed on October 5th.

This event isn’t likely to be the actual iPhone 5 release date, which typically comes at least a week after Apple announces the iPhone. If this date is legit, expect to hear about event invitations arriving to tech publications in the next week.

Possible iOS and iPhone 5 Release Date Timeline

The iPhone 5 release date has been pegged for early October for several weeks now, and it looks like September is pretty much out of the picture in terms of an iPhone 5 announcement.

We have heard that the iPhone 5 was facing production issues, which could impact availability of the iPhone into 2012.

The iPhone 5 is expected on Verizon and AT&T, and may make its first appearance on Sprint, which could prompt Sprint CEO Dan Hesse to make an appearance on stage at the iPhone 5 announcement. It looks like T-Mobile might not get the iPhone 5 this year.



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