iPhone 5 Release Date of Oct. 13th Tipped By Early AT&T Upgrades

We are expecting an iPhone 5 announcement on October 4th, with an actual release coming soon after.

Now, thanks to reader Mat Barry, we know that October 13th could possibly be the release date for the iPhone 5. Granted, this date may very a little from the actual iPhone 5 release date, but this is the first evidence we have seen of a date from a carrier, and it matches up with our expectations.

When Mat logged into his AT&T account, he found out that all of his lines are available for a “reduced discount on an iPhone on 10/13/2011”, ahead of his standard upgrade date which was pegged for November.

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iPhone 5 Release Date on ATT

Early upgrades are a common practice for AT&T and other carriers when the next generation of the iPhone is announced. It was 17 days between the announcement and launch of the iPhone 4 and a much shorter 11 days for the iPhone 3GS.

So, a nine-day gap between the announcement and the actual iPhone 5 release date is fairly easy to believe, and in line with past Apple timing.

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Do you have the same offer on your AT&T account?