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iPhone 5 Release Date & Rumor Roundup (May 9)



The iPhone 5, or new iPhone is still months away from release, but in the past week we’ve seen a number of iPhone rumors pop up, including more rumblings of a June iPhone 5 release date.

It’s been a week full of liquidmetal, larger iPhones and new rumors of an iPhone 5 launch in a few months.

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Join us as we sort through a week’s worth of rumors and set the record straight on which rumors are closest to fact, and which aren’t worth putting stock in.

iPhone 5 Release Date


Sources say the iPhone 5 release date is in fall.

This past week we’ve seen many iPhone 4S price drops at Target, Walmart and at smaller regional carriers offering the iPhone 4S for the first time.

These new iPhone 4S prices has led some to conclude that the iPhone 5 release date is close, as close as June when WWDC 2012 kicks off.

For everyone waiting for the new iPhone 5, I wouldn’t get too excited about these rumors. Fall still looks like the most probable time for an iPhone 5 release date.

If the iPhone 5 was to launch at WWDC 2012 we would have already seen the release of iOS 6 betas to developers and we would have heard rumors of a ramp up in production in China.

Don’t think that the shortage of replacement iPhone 4 units in some Apple Stores has anything to do with the iPhone 5 release date at this point. The filing to recover is also not indicative of an early iPhone 5  release date.

The latest rumor claims that the iPhone 5 release date is pegged for September, based on Digitimes‘ claim that Apple has sent orders to a manufacturer for the new iPhone.

iPhone 5 Design

This week we learned that Liquidmetal isn’t ready for prime time, at least according to the inventor of the substance. Instead, expect to see Liquidmetal arrive in a “breakthrough product” within the next few years.

Don’t get too down about this news. Even though the Liquidmetal iPhone 5 design looks great, there are other avenues for Apple’s design team to take.

iLounge shares what a 4-inch iPhone with a metal back and a smaller dock connection might look like.

iPhone 5 4-inch metal back design

The iPhone 5 may have a 4-inch display and a metal back.

The leak also claims that the front of the iPhone 5 will use Gorilla Glass 2, a thinner, stronger glass. In this concept, the 4-inch display is longer, changing the aspect ratio, which would provide a problem for developers and introduce fragmentation into the iOS app environment.

While iLounge has good sources, I remain dubious about this mock-up and the claim of a smaller dock connector. It’s possible that Apple could change this design at some point, but the implications to the entire ecosystem of iPhone and iPad accessories means it is not a change for Apple to make lightly.

A rumored iPhone 5 SIM card tray leaked out this past week with a straight edge. This is important because a straight edge SIM card tray suggests that the new iPhone will have a flat side like the iPhone 4S, not a tapered shape like the iPad.

4G LTE, Processor and Battery Life

There are no new leaks or rumors about what’s inside the iPhone 5, but we still expect 4G LTE when the iPhone 5 launches later this year. Verizon has gone on record saying that the y will only sell 4G LTE smartphones this year.

T-Mobile is boasting that their new network will be ready for the next iPhone, but it isn’t clear if Apple will grant them permission to sell the iPhone 5 or if T-Mobile will be stuck with used iPhones.

The Apple A5X processor is still a good candidate for the iPhone 5, and there’s no new info on battery life.

New iPhone Features in iOS 6


Possible iOS 6 feature for iPhone 5.

Some additional features have come to light thanks to new OS X Mountain Lion features. In the latest release of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple includes a Do Not Disturb feature for Notification Center.

This would make a nice addition to iOS 6, allowing users to turn off all notifications while retaining the ability to surf the web and make calls. This is different from Airplane mode, which silences calls and texts, but doesn’t affect app notifications and prevents the use of the web while turned on.

There have not been any recent rumors of iOS 6 adding game controller support for the new iPhone and the new iPad, but it’s something many users want. There are already a number of controllers for the iPhone and iPad, but no support built right in.





  1. Aaron

    05/09/2012 at 11:51 am

    I want the one with the bigger GB’s

  2. Christensen Benjamin

    05/10/2012 at 8:31 am

    I will be very happy if the new iPhone 5 will have a flat side.

  3. steve

    05/15/2012 at 6:07 am

    I want a 64gb version with a five inch screen on my iPhone five. I hope they keep the same 30 pin charging cord as I got 4 of those already and dont want to swap different cords for different devices.

  4. Internet knjizara

    06/13/2012 at 5:56 am

    The iPhone 5 is rumored to be a lot thinner than the current iPhone and a little taller, man Apple news sites have reported this but none as much as 9to5 Mac who claim to have heard this from a source inside Apple. Not only that but one site claims to have a leaked part from Apple, in the image below. It does seem unlikely that this image is genuine however there is a good chance that the next phone will look pretty similar to this.

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