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iPhone 5 Release Gets Closer as Battery and Camera Pics Leak



The iPhone 5 is expected to Arrive on October 7th, with pre orders starting n September 30th.

New images, of what many claim is the iPhone 5 battery and iPhone 5 camera , have surfaced, which add to the likelihood of an October release date.

As iPhone manufacturing takes off, we traditionally see iPhone parts, blueprints and other info leak out of FoxConn.

There are a few changes to the iPhone 5 internals on these leaked images.

Notably, the iPhone 5 battery has the connector in a different location and a slight bump up to 5.3Whr from 5.25Whr on the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 battery

Possible iPhone 5 battery.

The battery is showing up in several locations, and according to MacRumors, the UK repair business iPatchiPods shared an image of the same battery.

The markings indicate that the battery is from a late development prototype. Reportedly the source of this battery has supplied iPatchiPods with legitimate iPhone information ahead of previous launches.

The camera lens looks close to the original iPhone 4 lens, according to Ubergizmo. The new part doesn’t tip us on whether or not we will find an 8MP sensor on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 camera

iPhone 5 camera lens

We’ll have to wait for iFixit to tear the iPhone 5 apart to find out if these are the real parts, but there is enough here to conclude that the iPhone 5 is getting closer to launching.



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