iPhone 5 Rumors Visualized [Infographic]

There are a lot of rumors swirling around about Apple’s next-generation iPhone. Just yesterday, a report claimed that the iPhone 5 or whatever it’s going to be called would feature a metal chassis instead of the glass backing that the iPhone 4 employs, a bump up to a 4-inch display, an A5 processor, and an NFC chip.

Those rumors just scratch the surface of the whispers surrounding Apple’s next handset and thankfully, someone put together a pretty nifty graphic showcasing all of the possible features that the iPhone 5 might have.

The graphic, made by Steve Hemmerstoffer from nowhereelse.fr (via Silicon Valley Insider), showcases 27 of the most popular iPhone 5 rumors to hit the web. He also has added in some percentages that indicate how likely a feature is to actually become reality.


iPhone 5 Rumors