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iPhone 5: September Launch with Dual-Core Processor and 8MP Camera?



Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is going to be releasing the iPhone 5 in September, something we’ve already heard, and it will be coming with a faster processor and a better camera on board.

iPhone 4

The report claims that the next iPhone will feature an A5 processor and an 8MP camera which will be a step up from the 5MP camera that was found on the previous model of iPhone, the iPhone 4. We had seen evidence that suggested the 8MP camera was not going to be a reality so consider us a little bit skeptical.

It’ll also supposedly, and very unsurprisingly, run iOS 5 which is the new mobile software that Apple introduced a few weeks ago at its World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

iOS 5 was also the reason that Apple apparently pushed back the release of the iPhone 5. iOS 5 is scheduled to be out this fall and it appears Apple wanted to push the new software out with the new hardware.

If this report is true, the iPhone 5 looks like it’s going to be the slight bump up from the iPhone 4 that we’ve been hearing about and not a radical redesign. And while there is no doubt that it will sell well, even if is just a beefed up iPhone 4,  there is at least one person out there that won’t be buying it.


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