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iPhone 5 Setup and Security Guide



The iPhone 5 is ready to use right out of the box, but GottaBeMobile recommends a few essential steps to set up the iPhone 5.

These steps will make sure the iPhone 5 is set up securely and correctly.

The iPhone 5 setup steps take a few minutes to complete, but are worth it to make sure you can use the iPhone 5 to its full potential.

Users that are upgrading to the iPhone 5 from an iPhone 4 or earlier will also want to make sure to get familiar with Siri and to arrange apps to take advantage of the extra row of icons. These users should be sure to restore from a backup before changing these settings, as the restore will overwrite many of them.

iPhone 5 Setup and Security

Here’s how to set up, secure and protect the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Setup

These are the first 5 things we recommend doing before using the iPhone 5. This guide will make sure the iPhone 5 can backup to the cloud, be found if it is lost, share to Facebook and Twitter, avoid draining the battery with a bright display, keep the iPhone secure and protect it from scratches and drops.

Set up iCloud

iCloud is a free service that keeps the iPhone in sync with the iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows computers. There is a better sync for Macs, but Windows users can still use PhotoStream to instantly share Photos to their computer.

The iCloud service syncs notes and bookmarks between the iPhone and other computers, tracking a lost iPhone and sharing photos between computers and tablets.

On the iPhone, go to Settings and tap on iCloud to sign in and set up iCloud.

iCloud iPhone 5 Setup

iPhone 5 Setup – iCloud

On this screen, toggle the switches to turn on various settings. Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes and Documents and Data will keep all of these in sync.

Find My iPhone is a free service that allows users to track a lost or stolen iPhone using cellular networks and GPS. This is an essential tool that is responsible for reuniting many iPhones with the owner.

Instead of backing up the iPhone to a computer, some users will want to use iCloud to backup the iPhone. This works great for some users, but those who store a lot of information on their iPhone won’t be able to use iCloud for backing up without paying for extra storage.

How to Use iCloud

iCloud is free to use, with paid plans offering up to 50GB of storage for $100 per year.

Set Up FaceBook and Twitter

iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 brings better integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Twitter integration isn’t new to the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, but the latest software makes it easier to share to both of these services.

By linking Facebook and Twitter to the iPhone 5, users can quickly share photos, log into Facebook login apps, share links and share status updates. The Notification Center now includes Tweet and Post to Facebook shortcuts, and Siri can update Facebook or Twitter by voice.

iPhone 5 Setup - Twitter and Facebook

Add Twitter and Facebook to the iPhone 5.

To set up these accounts, Tap on Settings. Scroll down to Facebook and Twitter. Tap on each and login. If prompted users can install the apps, but they are not needed to use the features.

The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 allow users to add multiple Twitter accounts, but only one Facebook account. After adding Facebook, users can choose to Update all contacts with information from Facebook and Facebook Birthdays and Events will show up in the Calendar. All of these settings can be toggled on and off.


The screen brightness is one of the biggest battery drains on the iPhone 5, like on most smartphones. Auto brightness should be turned on by default, but if it isn’t it’s a good idea to turn it on.

iPhone 5 brightness & WallPaper

Manage iPhone 5 brightness to keep battery life reasonable.

Tap on Settings and then tap on Brightness & Wallpaper.

Toggle Auto-Brightness to On.

It’s also a good idea to slide the brightness down to keep the display at a reasonable level.

This is also a great time to set up an iPhone 5 wallpaper and lock screen image to personalize the iPhone 5. If there is more than one iPhone 5 in the house, a unique lock screen image is one way to keep phones straight.

Turn on a Passcode

The iPhone stores email accounts, banking apps and all types of personal information. Turning on a passcode is a good way to keep this information safe. Some work email accounts will require a Passcode or even a complex Passcode, so it’s a good idea to set one up now.

Tap on Settings and then on General.

Scroll down to Passcode Lock and tap on the option.

Tap Turn Passcode On and enter a 4 digit passcode.

iPhone 5 Security - Passcode

Use a Passcode to secure the iPhone 5.

It’s a good idea to set the Require Passcode timer to something reasonable. 15 minutes is a good time to choose to avoid entering the Passcode constantly. This means the iPhone won’t lock unless it isn’t used for 15 minutes.

Get an iPhone 5 Case

The iPhone 5 features a metal back and handles drop tests better than the Galaxy S III, but it isn’t impervious to scratches. Some users are already reporting scratches on the iPhone 5’s metal back.

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Apple stores are not selling iPhone 5 cases yet, but Verizon and other retailers offer a rather large selection of iPhone 5 cases.

iPhone 5 Cases

An iPhone 5 case is recommended.

The iPhone 4S cases won’t fit the taller, thinner iPhone 5, and there are no iPhone 5 battery cases yet, so users will need to find a new case or skin.

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For users that are looking for an iPhone 5 screen protector, the Zagg InvisibleShield Extreme for iPhone 5 looks like a good option at $29.99.




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