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Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Hits RadioShack Tomorrow



The Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 is slated to hit the shelves of Virgin Mobile tomorrow, however, Gotta Be Mobile has learned that in addition to the carrier, the device will be available at RadioShack as well for the same price.

Earlier this month, after months of speculation, Virgin Mobile finally announced the iPhone 5 for its network giving buyers another pre-paid iPhone 5 option to choose from. The announcement of course came just a few days after Apple debuted its new iOS 7 software and just a few months before the company is expected to debut the new iPhone 5S.

Alleged iPhone 5S parts leak pointing to an internal redesign.

The Virgin Mobile will hit RadioShack tomorrow.

Despite a rumored successor, the iPhone 5 remains a solid option for those in the market for a new device, especially since it will be getting the upgrade to iOS 7 this fall. Furthermore, Virgin Mobile adds to the attractiveness as it will be carrying the device on its pre-paid network, meaning, consumers won’t need to sign up with a contract.

The device is expected to hit Virgin Mobile’s shelves tomorrow for $550 though it appears that it will be joined by another retailer on launch day.

We have learned that RadioShack will also be carrying the Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 starting tomorrow and that it will be offering it for the same $550 price as Virgin Mobile. The retailer will have it in stock both online and in physical retail locations and it will be offering consumers a $50 discount should they possess an eligible trade-in. That offer is only going to be for a limited time.

The iPhone 5 runs iOS 6 while the HTC One is on Android 4.1.2 with HTC Sense 5.

The iPhone 5 remains a solid choice, despite rumors of a successor.

The retailer will also be cutting prices on Virgin Mobile’s other two iPhone models, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4, with the iPhone 4S dropping down to $399.99 and the iPhone 4 falling to $299.99, both extremely affordable off-contract prices. That offer will only last for a few days it seems.

The Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 of course will be the same iPhone 5 that consumers have grown to know over the past 10 months. It features a 4-inch Retina Display, 8MP camera that takes good low-light photos, an industrial design that features an aluminum back and iOS 6 which again will be upgraded to iOS 7 when Apple releases the new software later this year.

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