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iPhone 5 Will Be Able to Support HDMI, VGA Output Via Future Lightning Cable Adapter Accessories



After the iPhone 5 was announced, it was reported that the Lightning adapter for the phone to work with existing 30-pin Dock Connector accessories would not work in sending video output and that had caused concerns for some who had assumed Apple would limit the iPhone to wireless AirPlay technology via Apple TV to share the content of their phones to a big screen. However, it appears that there were some limitations with the adapter accessory and not with the new Lightning connector standard. As such, Apple has confirmed that future Lightning cables and accessories will allow the iPhone 5 to have HDMI and VGA output.


In a conversation with The Verge, Apple PR told that publication that these new Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA cables will be available in the coming months so that users can mirror and display the content of their phones, including pictures and videos, to a larger display. A specific timeframe was not given, however, and pricing was not disclosed either.

Right now, here is what is supported by the Lightning to 30-pin Dock Connector adapter:

Still, Apple says the 30-pin adapter does support analog audio out, as well as USB audio, syncing, and charging.

With a new and proprietary standard for the iPhone 5, those who have purchased into the robust third-party hardware ecosystem should probably expect to spend a bit of money to replace existing cables and accessories to replicate their workflow with the old Dock Connector. It may take some time for Apple and other third-party manufacturers to create all the necessary cables and accessories, however.



  1. ken

    09/14/2012 at 6:06 pm

    Apple should realize that making solid adapters will greatly increase the users chances of breaking the device. They should be making thest as short cables for strain relief on the device.
    Imagine an hdmi cable attached to the 30 pin-to-lightning adapter. That can really create stress on the phone’s connector jack.
    Similarly for connecting to docking devices.

    I want cabled adapters available.

  2. Patrick

    10/10/2012 at 12:26 pm

    I wonder when this will happen? All the info I can find is from around the date this article was published… hopefully soon.

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