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iPhone 5C Follows iPhone 5, Gets Pop Star Treatment



Taiwanese pop star and race driver Jimmy Lin has surfaced once again ahead of an Apple iPhone launch and this time, instead of showing off an iPhone 5 or an iPad mini, Lin is boasting Apple’s rumored iPhone 5C, or more likely, an iPhone 5C mockup.

Ahead of Apple’s expected September 10th iPhone event, we’ve seen a number of high-profile leaks emerge. Earlier this week, purported iPhone 5S parts leaked out hinting at a fingerprint reader, a feature that has been rumored to be on board Apple’s iPhone 5 successor. We’ve also seen Apple’s rumored cheap iPhone, the iPhone 5C appear on video and on camera, including in a comparison video next to the aluminum iPhone 5.

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Taiwanese pop star and race car driver Jimmy Lin with the iPhone 5C.

Taiwanese pop star and race car driver Jimmy Lin with the iPhone 5C.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is expected to have the iPhone 5’s aluminum design as well, which means that consumers were likely also getting a glimpse at how the plastic iPhone 5C would look next to the iPhone 5S.

Today, in what has become a bit of ritual, Taiwanese pop star, actor and race car driver Jimmy Lin has surfaced showing off what appears to be the iPhone 5C in the wild. The photos, which come from Chinese site sina weibo, depict Lin showing off what appears to be the plastic iPhone 5C. We also get a glimpse of it next to the iPhone 5 itself.

Lin's iPhone 5C next to the iPhone 5.

Lin’s iPhone 5C next to the iPhone 5.

Of course, Lin only shows off the back plate of the iPhone 5C, so it’s possible that we’re looking at the same plastic back plate mock ups that we’ve seen leak out in recent weeks.

In fact, Lin has a track record that leads us to believe that this probably isn’t the real thing, just something mocked up to look like it.

Jimmy Lin with his pre-launch iPad mini.

Jimmy Lin with his pre-launch “iPad mini”.

Lin has appeared holding unreleased Apple products in the past, most recently, the “iPad mini” and the “iPhone 5.” While Lin’s leaks have resembled the final products, they have also been called out as high-end mock ups or prototypes. So while it could be that the iPhone 5C looks like the iPhone 5C that is in Lin’s hand, it’s also possible that we could see some differences between this one and the iPhone 5C that Apple shows off later this year.

Lin with the "iPhone 5" ahead of launch.

Lin with the “iPhone 5” ahead of launch.

Apple is expected to debut not one but two iPhone models at its rumored September 10th iPhone launch event. The iPhone 5S is expected to be the flagship model that replaces the iPhone 5 with a new camera, processor, fingerprint reader. It’s also expected to keep the same display size and design.

The iPhone 5C is thought to be a cheaper iPhone model and its design is expected to be made of plastic and come in several different colors. The device is rumored to have a 4-inch Retina Display and Lightning port though it’s still unclear as to where it’s headed if it does debut later this year.

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